Western Arch is a full-service design and production firm specializing in iconic and interactive experiences and themed environments for museums and entertainment venues.  Our design process is rooted in the core values of human centered design allowing us to create world-class experiences that resonate with the end user.  Our services include:

Concept development | Exhibit and graphic design | Interactive engineering and prototyping

Strategic and master planning | Immersive thematic design | 28,000 sqft fabrication facility

A one stop shop to PLAN, DESIGN, and BUILD transformative experiences. 

Recently, we expanded and moved our operation to a new facility in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.  With this move, we increased our capacity to support a wide range of experience design, prototyping, and fabrication providing clients with innovative, high-quality experiences.  Our team of designers, sculptors, and engineers have a proven track record of delivering on some of the most innovative and compelling guest experiences. 



Western Arch has been providing custom architectural pieces and components to the building industry since 1984. We provide design solutions that give the industry the best in theme architecture and interactive experience.

Western Arch has a vision of the complex and changing needs of the industry that bring people, knowledge, and vision together- all for a common purpose. Our company is uniquely and powerfully positioned at the intersection of the builder's needs and new technologies- a position that enables us to open the door to increased creativity, productivity, and growth for our clients.


Western Arch has been providing architectural excellence in architectural GFRC/GRC/FRP products for more than thirty years. Western Arch has become one of the most highly respected companies in the field of Architectural Ornamental Products Industry.

Founder Tracy Jones strives to meet each client's specific requirements and consturction timeline. Known for its integrity, honesty, and availability, Western Arch is ready to serve your project needs today.


The architectural details and solutions we produce not only provide sweeping examples of our capabilities but exemplify our customers' sense of vision, forward thinking, and commitment to providing an environment of monumental proportions. We don't just deliver on time, we provide support and expertise in the completion, assembly, and final touches needed to finish the job.

Most of our projects are mission critical and we are sensitive to our clients' changing needs. As a result or our commitment to the business relationship, we continually evaluate the role that changing technologies play, and make corresponding adjustments when new innovations unfold. We understand that as our business relationship continues, the bottom line is to deliver a product on time at or under cost of superior quality, craftsmanship, and imagination to spark the interest and curiosity of your customers to bring them back again and again to wonder at the remarkable atmosphere and environemnt that surrounds them and to give you, our client, a sure foundation for the future.